Managing Remote Workers

By 2020 50% of all U.S. employees will work remotely, according to industry experts at the 2016 Telecommuting, Remote and Distributed (TRaD) Works Forum.


Managing Remote Workers is a proven, interactive and high-impact half-day program designed to provide practical solutions for the large multi-generational teleworker force that is rapidly increasing.  It utilizes a blend of data, discussion, exercises, and action plans. It focuses on giving managers important skills and mindsets to lead these remote workers and teams; increasing productivity, trust, connection, communication, and collaboration.


Program Outline:

The session is  presented in three modules: 

Module One: Energized & Focused Remote Teams 

Module Two: Effective Remote Communication

Module Three: Effective Remote Teamwork & Collaboration

Results include:

  • Setting up the right remote environment for focus and productivity 

  • Proven processes to remain physically energized and mentally focused 

  • Bridging the gap as new technology is implemented for effective remote communication & collaboration 

  • Increasing trust and connection with team members  

  • Time Tested Micro-changes for shifting behavior, mindset, and sustainability


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