Being a Champion of Innovation

A well-known Gallup survey shows that 71% of workers are disengaged from their jobs at an estimated cost of $450 to $550 billion annually.


Being a Champion of Innovation is an interactive and high-impact full day program. Most employees are finding that the staggering demands of work, home and life may fill their days but don’t fulfill their creative passions. Focusing on productivity can provide some relief but doesn't connect us to our true creative capacities.

This program is designed to have employees tap into their creative and innovative passions at work and home and this creates a more open and innovative culture.


Program Outline:

The session is designed into three modules.

Module One: Attendees participate in a series of activities that reveal the champion within, leading to a flash of insight thus beginning a path to discovery. The champion answers the call to innovation, discovers how to stop the relentless distractions and learns how to energize at will.

Module Two: We explore how fear hooks their attention and energy, unconsciously driving their decisions and draining their creativity. Attendees develop a champion's resiliency – trusting their own ability to handle whatever may happen by acting and communicating authentically and courageously in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

Module Three: The final stage of the journey is learning how to swim in the Ocean of Creativity—connecting with the vast but underutilized reservoir of creative energy within. The champion develops different resources, now grounded in a champion's state-of-being: engaged, energized, creative, focused, resilient, authentic, courageous and wise.

Results include:

  • Explore the causes which deplete attention and energy, drive unconscious behaviors and drain creativity

  • Develop resiliency, facilitating trust in one’s own judgment and ability to handle the unexpected

  • Develop the ability to act and communicate authentically and courageously in the face of complexity

  • Manage attention, energy and focus for velocity and forward momentum

  • Access creative problem solving because from multiple perspectives, there are multiple solutions

  • Utilize practical structures to simplify the process of living in an information clogged world

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