Great Productivity Program

The Great Productivity Program is a proven and high-impact one day program, designed to increase employee engagement, personal and team productivity. It leverages the full power of Microsoft Outlook or G Suite and mobile technology creating a seamless system (Great Productivity System or GPS) in a simple and immediately applicable process. This one day program, focuses people on the skills to be able to get the right things done, at the right time, so they get completed on time while remaining energized and balanced.


It is simple, fast, effective and designed into Six Modules:


Module One: Managing Action

Module Two: Managing Calendar

Module Three: Managing Email 

Module Four: Managing Interruptions 

Module Five: Managing Communication & Meetings

Module Six: Managing Your Energy (Introduction)


Results include:

•       Two or more extra hours available each day

•       More energy during and at the end of each day

•       Better leveraging of Outlook or G Suite and mobile functionality

•       Completing the right things on time

•       An empty inbox daily

•       Getting organized and staying organized

•       Effective tracking of delegations

•       A better sense of control for life balance

•       Improved productivity, accountability and communication

•       Greater focus on key objectives and projects


Offered in a 9-hour in-person session for groups of up to 25 or a condensed 4.5-hour online version for groups of up to 15. Participants work live on their technology and receive a refresher and support coaching as needed.

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